Saturday, April 28, 2007

Should be interesting...

Don't worry Akin, I am alive. The dreaded blue screen has been plaguing my laptop for a few days, but we shall overcome!

A new blog by a black teacher in inner-city London. Apparently, black kids can't be seen to be working - not good for their "rep".


Unknown said...

Ha, thanks for the free advert!

Quest said...

I find this blog very suspicious. It's the way he keeps stressing that his kids are black:

"Fury is a 14 year old black girl..."
"Grimace, a large black boy..."

He stresses their race in the same way non-blacks would use race to identify a black person. Think of a nigerian teacher working in a nigerian neighbourhood repeatedly saying:

"Kemi, a 14 year old nigerian girl was acting up today.."
"Kola is a very bright nigerian boy"

Of course you could say that maybe he has a mix of kids, so he just wants to point out who is who. In that case, how come so far all we hear of are the "black kids"? It doesn't add up.

Pass the salt.

Nkem said...

Everchange, you should leave this comment on Snuffy's blog.