Wednesday, August 23, 2006

There are many ways...

There was some stuff in the news recently about the Canary Islands, where more than a thousand African immigrants arrived on its shores within a three-day period. They cried to the EU for help because they couldn't cope. It's a bit difficult to know what they want the EU to do. Perhaps the other EU countries can move their countries closer to the African continent, so that the destination for immigrants can be varied a little. A tectonic plate shift all in the name of balance of immigration.

The immigrants going to the Canary Islands would have arrived by boats. During the days of Sangatte, people tried to get to Britain through the Chunnel. But if you think that's desperate, try burrowing a tunnel under a border - with a shoehorn. People want to remove some of these immigrants from Europe, or stop them from coming in illegally. The key question is this: what drives a human being to do these things in search of a better life for himself?

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Quest said...

you answered your own question - in search for a better life for himself