Thursday, February 09, 2006

Be not afraid brethren

Be not afraid, o ye brethren, for I am in the land of the pharoahs. The lord hath taketh me to Cairo where access of the wide web of the world is but a commodity scarce and injurious of pocket. But lo, I am alive.


Anonymous said...

Phew, that's good to know

Anonymous said...

A point of pedantry perhaps dear squire but should it not be "Injurious to pocket" rather than "injurious of pocket". I fear that thy formerly considerable prepositional sense art waning and doth bid thee a speedy and safe return to the land of the second Elizabeth (she of the house of Windsor). My associates and I shall beseech the powers that be on thy behalf that your grammatical transgressions not be held against you lest you stand trial for crimes against Her Majesty's English.

In otherwords, stop shelling and get your ass back to London.