Friday, February 03, 2006

Egypt ferry disaster

No doubt most you have heard that nearly 1,400 people are feared dead, after a ferry sank in the Red Sea. Call me heartless but my first thoughts were that I should be out there covering the story. Such stories are a wonderful opportunity for journalists like me to work. When the London bombings happened last summer, my first instinct was that I shouldn't be here in my house, I should be close to the action. This time, I am close to the action, not necessarily physically, but in the sense that it could take a while before news organisations get people on the groud.

Right now, all my efforts are being put into seeing if I can make any journalistic capital out of this tragedy.


Anonymous said...

i feel you totally man!

blogging has imbibed the journalistic instincts in me and i'm seriously considering doing a journalism related course for my masters.

Anonymous said...

You heartless swine. You should be looking to comfort the grieving rather than trying to make some journalistic capital out of this huge tragedy. Have you no shame?

Its ambulance chasing journalists like you that give our honourable profession of Journalism and caring practitioners like me :-) a bad name. I shall make it my priority to report your outrageous conduct to your girlfriend. The poor lass :-)

Alaye Scoro