Friday, March 09, 2007

NPF torture

The Nigerian Police Force routinely tortures inmates and suspects. Quelle surprise...


culturalmiscellany said...

Well I agree, its appauling. But, in my opinion if you bring children up seeing things like caning then you can't be surprised when they grow up to use authority inappropriately.

I hope I am never around someone who canes! It is the one topic my boyfriend and I have ever had a heated debate over.

adefunke said...

@culturalmiscellany - Caning is the culprit for the misuse of authority? If this is the case what am I waiting for? I should go out there and misuse all the authority I have!

I live close to the Sango cemetary in Ibadan and at one time every morning it was the norm to hear sirens wail as the Police brought bodies to the cemetary for mass burial most of whom passed on to the great beyond while being 'interogated' about crimes they knew nothing about.