Saturday, March 24, 2007

Stalinist in our midst

Am I the only one who's slightly uneasy with the langauge people have revelled in using with Gordon Brown this week. Brown's former permanent secretary described him as operating with "Stalinist ruthlessness". During the budget debate, opposition leader, David Cameron, was prepared to make jokes about Brown sending other possible Labour leadership candidates to the gulag. Cameron read PPE at Brasenose, and surely he studied Stalinist Russia, and might have heard about the 20million people reportedly killed by Stalin. Would anyone ever make jokes about sending people to World War II concentration camps? There was a real stink when the former Italian prime minister and lord of all things politically incorrect, Silvio Berlusconi, compared a German MEP to a Nazi concentration camp guard. For some reason educated people feel that Stalin's murderousness was somehow okay, and we can crack jokes and compare Gordon Brown to him without furrowing so much as a brow. Whatever the joke is, I don't get it.


Kiibaati said...

I agree it is not politically correct to share Jewish jokes when in company of the Jews. Some of those remarks are simply regrettable as they belittle the gravity of the events referred to. But with time, even the most atrocious crimes are often compared with commonplace events. Human nature?

IJEOMA said...

no be human nature.. only a stupid human being finds humour in the pain and killings of many.

nothing about murder is humorous

? said...

I assume you're reacting to Gordon Browns perceived Red Army attitude?

Could he be capable of both taking care of the welfare of the "whole" people of the U.K. as well as actually having a very cynical view of mankind?

I am far from being nonplussed by the opposition, particularly where it has failed to quarantine a driven politician - one it is unsure of. The fear I think is in where he could take Britain? Can he be trusted? Would he run a honest and morally upright government?

Even if he comes across as not being politically malleable i think he may be very amenable.

Nonetheless, under him, I can imagine Nigeria taking care of the welfare of its "whole" people in a permanent revolution. (Not in the style of another October revolution.)

Idemili said...

Ha! I thought it was just me who didn't find the Stalinist remarks a wee bit funny. Apparently according to some 'hoity-toitties'I'm not intellectual enough to understand it. More like, I'm not stupid enough to actually consider it remotely funny.

Great post. I see you've been a long time blogger. Thanks for stopping by mine.