Saturday, January 21, 2006

It wasn't me

I know I claimed credit for Mark Oaten's withdrawal from the Lib Dem leadership race. However, I can categorically state that I am NOT responsible for him stepping down from the frontbench. The News of the Screws took care of that. It appears that Mr Oaten was cavorting (and then some) with a twenty-three year old rent boy. He talked about an "error of judgement", a phrase which is strewn over any apology for illicit gay sex since Ron Davies's moment of madness in Clapham Common in 1998. I almost feel sorry for the man, but, that's the risk politicians take when they put themselves up for public office. The scrutiny of people in public office in this country is extreme. If you have so much as passed wind as a toddler in the playpen, you can be sure that when you become MP for Obscure Town East, the country will know. There are certain things that politicians can leave in their past, but sexual deviance is not one of them. The scandal sheets like the Screws will either dig them up, or an ancient encounter who's fallen on hard times will sell the story. Twenty-three year old rent boy. He's either lovesick that Oaty's rejected him for a wife and 2.4 children, or he just needs to pay off his student loan. Hell hath no fury like a rent boy spurned.

ps Hope you like the picture.

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