Sunday, January 22, 2006

Port Said

I'm in Port Said right now. I don't have nearly enough time to type my thoughts - internet cafe clock ticking. I'm in a hotel called Helnan Port Said Hotel, which is where I think all the group D teams are staying (at least Nigerian and Ghana are). I've met some people from Gazzetta dello Sport and French Eurosport. The Eurosport people were kind enough to give me a lift to the stadium to get my media accrediation. I have it now, but the picture on it is ridiculous. The girl taking the picture said my hair was "sticky-uppy" or something like that. Except that she contradicted nearly everyone I know by saying it was cool. But what does a muslim girl from an Egyptian Mediterranean coastal town know about afro hair. Given her comment, lots.

The place is teeming with security and we even had to have our baggage x-rayed before checking into the hotel. I don't know if this is standard practice at such events, but it opened my eyes to the potential terrorist threat events like this face. The Nigerian camp appears to be calm, I haven't seen any of the players yet. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's grudge match against Ghana. I'm sure we'll cane them like little babies - we always do.

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Ore said...

Wow! You travelled just to watch football matches? Well, hope you have a lot of fun.