Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I'v spent all morning trying to get the damn Kalu HARDtalk interview into an editable format so that I can edit, and then upload. So far, so bad. Interestingly, it hasn't been put on the HARDtalk website, and I can think of several reasons why. For starters, interpreting and subtitling Kalu's heavy abuse of syntax would task even the greatest Egyptologists, and two, the Beeb isn't used to broadcasting what could be seen as "bare faced lying". I will have the interview from a more reliable source tonight, and barring Google video censoring me for fear of being wrapped over the knuckles over copyright issues, it will be on here by midnight GMT.

In the meantime, you can regale yourselves with altogether more eloquent Nigerians. Femi Kuti was on Radio 4's Midweek (listen) - he's starting his UK tour this week. And the Guardian profiles Peter Akinola (or Peter Aky-nola, as the Brits pronounce it), and asks if he's the most powerul man in the Anglican communion. The backdrop is the Communion's chinwag being held in Tanzania this week.


Chxta said...

I am waiting impatiently for the video. And let the Beeb know that they have to put it up regardless!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nkem,

After reading your post yesterday I went searching for the hardtalk interview. Unfortunately, it wasn’t posted on the bbc site yesterday. I watched bits of Kalu’s interview on BEN TV over the weekend, and he certainly did risk arrest with the damage he did to queen’s language. Anyway, the video clip is now on the beebs site and I am off to watch it. Thanks.

Chxta said...

O my God! I have to blog about this later today.

Anonymous said...

Egyptologists befuddled by Kalu's Cryptglish - you make me giggle - tee hee hee.

soul said...

The beeb isn't used to broadcasting 'bare faced lying'?.
i presume the whole 45min WMD's was bare faced truth?.
and the whole 'yellow cake' from Niger was barefaced truth..
oh and what was that interview with that professor of Russian studies who claimed that Black folk were less intelligent than white folk?. that was barefaced truth?
but that's besides the point.
the beeb has editorial principles and policies/guidelines which it should adhere to.
It also has a directive to share it's content.

In addition, the BBC surely has a wealth of Nigerian staff working for it, if it is having difficulties it should be able to call on them..
I would also be a bit perturbed if they didn't have a trobust translation unit.