Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Plaut and Hearing

The World Service Africa editor, Martin Plaut, interviewed Atiku for the World Today, and Roger Hearing interviewed him on Newshour.




? said...

"At the time I left customs I actually did not have anything...Obasanjo was not a millonaire before he became president..."

How true?

? said...

Profile on Atiku Abubakar!

Anonymous said...

Give or take, Obansanjo vindictive and thuggish nature has turned Atiku into the "democrat". Much as I do not believe him to be "right" for Nigeria but he is largely going about his battles democratically.

Anonymous said...

Yet another person refusing to take responsibility. If you can't accept the failures of a government you are part of then resign and quit whining.

Anonymous said...

This Atiku must think people are stupid.

If as he claims he
-is not involved in any decision making,
- is insulted by ministers
- is not listened to by the president and
- has no power?

How many of us would stay in a job getting insults and having no power and being degraded by an enemy?


Osifo said...

He hasn't resigned cause he is stubborn and rightfully so. I can understand his decision to still stick around and be a thorn in Mr. Obasanjo's flesh just because of the way he has been disrespected by the President.

President Obasanjo is fighting tooth and nail to keep Mr. Atiku out of office because he knows that if he fails at that task and Mr. Atiku occupies Aso Rock, a decent amount of time and energy will be spent trying to make life hell for the outgong president.

Anonymous said...

By your argument you are admitting that Atiku is not in power to serve the people.

Atiku has been Vice President since 1999 just so he can take over from OBJ. In 8 years, he has done ABSOLUTELY nothing. He doesn't even have the paltry debt clearing, Telecoms deregulation or EFCC that obasanjo can at least claim.

The idiots among us think that this is just a power struggle between a president and a vp. Those who pay attention will realise that someone who cannot perform as VP wil not perform as president and will keep Nigeria stuck in her terrible state for another 10 years.

Osifo said...

A vice president is a president's deputy. If a sitting president wants his vice president to be docile it wouldn't be a Herculean task. What could have Atiku done without the knowledge or approval of the president. The v.p. can only perform tasks assigned to him or approved by the President. In other words, I think you have no basis for saying Mr. Atiku did not perform as a vice president.

We all heard Mr. Atiku say that President Obasanjo has never left the daily affairs of the country in the hands of the Vice president, even when he is out of the country, so its not a matter of taking credit for different accomplishments. Nigeria only has one president and for every accomplishment achieved by a member of his cabinet from security
guard to minister of energy, President Obasanjo will take credit.

The quarell between the president and Mr. Atiku escalated when Mr.
Atiku refused to support the President's 3rd term agenda. Mr. Atiku has every right to be cross. I mean its obvious he has always wanted to be president and if at the beginning of their run they had a deal that after President Obsanjo's two terms in office they would support Mr. Atiku's presidential bid, the deal should have been honored.President Obasanjo betrayed that by seeking a 3rd term. The vice president resisted and he has been persecuted ever since. Now i'm not saying the man is a saint, but c'mon, resident Obsanjo's ruthless campaign against Mr. Atiku has been uncalled for and I respect and applaud the courage and stubborness Mr. Atiku has shown by resisting such tyrannical behavior.

Anonymous said...

OOA, I am sorry but your claims are so baseless. Have you any shred of evidence supporting your claim on OBJ's 3rd term agenda? Did OBJ ever come out to say this? Is OBJ PDP? I do not think PDP is OBJ! If a small minority in PDP had any agenda, why rope OBJ into that?

Anonymous said...

OOA, how foolish of you to claim as follows "I respect and applaud the courage and stubborness Mr. Atiku has shown by resisting such tyrannical behavior" You applaud an action that has brought Nigeria into disrepute. If I had the power, I would banish you and your descendants forever from the land known as Nigeria, never to return ever. You are not a Nigerian, or are you?

Anonymous said...

OOA, when did the quarel between PDP and Atiku become a quarel between Obj and Atiku? Even Atiku has made this clear that he has no quarel with OBJ personally! I do not think you are a Nigerian OOA, or are you?

Osifo said...

How has Atiku's action brought disrepute to the nation. He has been on the defensive. Anyone who has any self pride will do what Atiku has done. If anything it's President Obasanjo that is disgracing himself and the nation. Why will you declare the Vice Presidents poistion vacant. Even if you're cross with ur deputy, you have less that 5 months in office. Why cause the comotion.

And it is also naive for one to think that the PDP's agenda is does not come from Obasanjo. Has there ever been a PDP chairman who has disagreed with President Obasanjo and held his position. So please don't label my claims as baseless. If the 3rd term agenda was sucessful do u think President Obasanjo would've stepped down.

finally, please feel free to scrutinize and/or attack my ideas but dont attack me personally. you're not a child are you?

Anonymous said...


"Why will you declare the Vice Presidents poistion vacant."

Atiku has no case, the FG have made it clear repeatedly especially in submissions before the court as well as publicly in the local Nigerian media - that Atiku's office was never declared vacant.

In any event, Atiku was not granted the most salient of reliefs he sought i.e. the restoration of his priviledges that accompany the office of the VP. He is heading for the death.

How is OBJ disgracing the nation, is it by keeping quiet?

vindication through innocence said...

lol!!!i don die o!!!lol!!'i em not responsible for the current state of nigeria'!!!'the president runs it from outside'-i love nigeria more and more each day!!im stealing this link