Friday, November 04, 2005

All navel lint and no substance

I've just been watching the Question Time debate between the two Davids bidding to become the next leader of HM Opposition aka the Tory party. David Cameron came across as I always suspected, all navel lint and no substance. Cameron was going into this in football terminology 2-1 up. Two points scored from the party conference and another after winning the Commons vote, Davis's point coming from his initial momentum as favourite, which has seen him through till now. Cameron's inexperience showed as Davis gave the audience the red meat they desired, and the meat was perhaps not Cameron's carcass, but his liver or something close. David gave specific examples of what he'd do if he became leader, while Cameron went on about rebranding the Conservative party. Davis made the allusion to Cameron being compared to Blair, saying "I don't mean that as a bad thing". Only ten minutes later for him to say that the country was tired of Blair and what they didn't need was another spinmeister general. Davis said this with two minutes to go, with no time for a proper riposte from Cameron, the third David (Dimbleby) called a halt to proceedings.

If I was dangled off Beachy Head and asked to choose either David, I'd repent of all my trangressions, make peace with my maker, and ask to be dropped. Don't believe in Conservative ideals, they run antithetical to most of my instincts. That said, Labour are no better. I'll slag them off another time.

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