Saturday, November 05, 2005

He wuz briefed!!!

I've just witnessed the PM talk about football on Football Focus on BBC1. He talked about his cult team and it included Malbranque and De Zeeuw, not exactly the most popular players in the world. My conclusion? He wuz briefed! His bank of policy advisers and researchers probably researched everything that was going on in football and then briefed him. He then comes on television to talk about the world's favourite game, and look like a man of the people - yeah right. He's had a torrid time in parliament over the last few weeks, and then he embarks on a media offensive to mollify the electorate. The man sports a grey shirt, top button undone, black trousers, legs crossed. In today's Guardian, he looks similar in an interview with Patrick Wintour and Michale White. Tony Blair is either incredibly lucky, or his advisers are prescient to a frightening degree. These are my politics: start from a position of cynicism and then build towards scepticism, then if the politician is anything close to a 21st century Jesus Christ, mild affirmation.

Last night I played ISS Pro evolution with the boys for a few hours. I started off well considering I haven't got a PS2 of my own, winning about three consecutive games on penalties. As the night wore on, fatigue set in and I started to lose. My not having a console is no excuse, because, it's all in the mind. If you can think a good game, you can play a good game.

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