Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Women are like buses

Some are doubledecker, some are not. This is apparently a statement which objectifies women. The sensibilities of my friend (female) were ruffled by it; I wouldn't expect a lesser effect of a quote taken from the teenage pre-watershed soft-porn soap Hollyoaks. She isn't exactly a bra-burning feminista, so I suppose there must be something offensive about it. The remark is neither chauvinist nor misogynist. The remark is a joke making a statement about the size of women's breasts. It takes a well known statement about relationships i.e. women being like buses, none come for ages, then many come along at once, which it marries with a Loaded style pun. Men are objectified all the time, goodness knows how many "men are only needed to change the lightbulb" jokes I've heard in my lifetime. I dislike magazines like Loaded and FHM which reduce women to nothing more than sexual preferences and positions. I'd also like to know who their favourite physicist is, and why they think Kant is of greater import than St. Thomas Aquinas. I might have to wait for the hens in my backyard to grow teeth though, but in the meantime I don't want them taken off the shelves. A lasses mag filled with the objectification of men would be preferable. They'd have the men in the CK boxers asking "so what's your favourite DIY position?", and "how often do you use that razor?" Now that is equality.

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Nneka's World said...

Haha, love your post.
are you only talking about the lad's mags, what about the rap videos that have females, baring all they have got and shaking it for all thier worth!

I think i should release a single and have men shaking all thier dangalang;) in the video! That should make great TV.
But on a more serious note, its a double edged sword, cause these women are the ones who want to "objectify" (if that is a word) to the public, same applies for the men