Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Little Bush

During the first walkover phase of the Iraq war, Comical Ali lit up screens around the world. He would outdo Alistair Campbell and Karl Rove combined in the spin stakes. As a mark of disrespect he called George W Bush, Little Bush. The context was unclear, but Little Bush makes sense if you compare Dubya's behaviour to childishness. The White House's threat not to see OBJ because of Charles Taylor is petulant. Do they really think Taylor would have left Liberia if he going to face war crimes charges later on? Look at the picture (right) of when Taylor arrived in Nigeria. Taylor is hugging OBJ and has just gotten off the plane with Ghanaian president, John Kufuor (on the left, white collar, patch of grey hair) . That is not the kind of reception presidents give a wanted war criminal. The US knew the terms of his exile, and I can bet my bottom sterling they didn't include arrest and trial. No doubt Nigeria probably looked the other way while Taylor escaped, or they might even be keeping him. After all they wouldn't let the US backed mercenaries take himby force in 2003, but surely they'd budge to a legitimate court? I'm no Taylor apologist, but the US is being hypocritical by penalising Nigeria for Taylor's disappearance.

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