Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Nigeria - Monrovia - Freetown

Charles Taylor's next flight route, he's just been arrested while trying to cross the border into Cameroon. Perhaps Africa is learning to deal with its murderous leaders, with many leaders during the Rwandan genocide arrested and convicted. Note Nigeria's point of principle though, not to send him to Sierra Leone where he is being charged, but to his home country Liberia. If he had any sense, he would have repented and become a born again Christian, Prince Yormie Johnson style. Johnson cut of president Samuel Doe's ear on film, in a tape that made the rounds in West Africa. He subsequently fled to Nigeria where he became an ordained minister, and all was forgiven. Nigeria loves a good convert.

ps. The BBC's Alex Last must be the hardest working correspondent outside Baghdad. Since he started late last year, there have been huge stories of global significance: cartoon killings, Niger Delta kidnappings, oil pipeline explosions, bird flu, census (global because of counting Africa's largest country), and now Charles Taylor. I hope he's being paid in accordance.

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