Thursday, March 23, 2006

Nollywood in the Guardian

There's a huge feature on Nollywood in today's Guardian. Read it here. And before you get upset at the stereotyping (but let's be honest, they're rather hideous), read the whole thing.


Nneka's World said...

Very interesting article.
I must say that the author hit the nail on the head with the description of the nollywood movies.

Hmm very interesting!

Olawunmi said...

i like the fact that it wasnt the condescending and mocking write up that i was expecting. the writer seemed to have a somewhat positive perspective on the industry - fitting due to the challenges of doing anything in nigeria - and that came through in this article.

and i enjoyed reading about nigeria in a more sympathetic light for a change

Monef said...

Quite an interesting analysis, surprisingly it made me think that perhaps I have been too quick to turn my nose up at Nollywood....then again maybe not!!

toometoblog said...

cool article. it was nice to see "nollywood" through the eyes of someone thats not totally bored with it. the funniest bit was segun arinze describing himself as a method actor. i'm not sure why.

Anonymous said...

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