Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Aussies are mental (and fairly chiselled)

I haven't got much time to post. But below is a video which shows that the Aussies are mental, and rather chiselled. Never seen so many bare chested men who didn't induce vomiting as soon as you saw them shirtless. Yesterday, we were in Kaiserslautern, where Australia had just beaten Japan, in what was one of the more insignificant games of the tournament. Not for these guys. If Guus Hiddink works his magic as he did with South Korea in 2002, parts of Australia will disappear after being drowned in beer. Look out for the guy in his underpants immitating Mil Mascaras - jumping from the top rope. Stay chiselled.


? said...

Nkem we have you on our blogroll. Excellent drive

jayg said...

aussies are gay..only the men were naked and topless waa!!!