Sunday, June 25, 2006

New Age Ghana

One of the brilliant things about being abroad, but still being in Europe, is that I can still read British newspapers. A little kiosk down the road sells all the broadsheets, and the main train station has everything including the tabloids. In the mornings I walk down to the kiosk, get a bottle of apple juice, of the "freshly pressed apples" variety, not the "from concentrate" diabetes-inducing type - and I pick up a Guardian, or an Observer.

Yesterday, there was a double page spread on the Black Stars in the Observer's sports pages:

Senegal, January 1992. At the end of Ghana's seventh African Nations Cup final Abedi Pele's emotions are scrambled. The captain and three times African Player of the Year had been pivotal in Ghana's efforts, scoring against Nigeria in the semi-finals and being voted player of the tournament. read on...

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Morountodun said...

Ah the wonders of the international publishing press! I remember the Summer of 2000, and I was in Madrid. I had just proven the efficacy of my spanish by purchasing the Guardian from a stall and I was crossing a zebra crossing with it. A dude was crossing the road in the opposite direction to me carrying a copy of the Sun and I was twisting my head to see the headline on the front of his paper which read "Nasty Nick evicted from Big Brother House" and he turned to me and said "Wot, the Guardian don't cover big brova news then?"