Monday, December 18, 2006

Goodluck Nigeria

Anonymous thanks for the heads up. The news that Goodluck Jonathan (pictured), governor of Bayelsa is Umaru Yar'Adua's running mate, voids my last post. This is evidently to assuage the ill feeling in the Niger Delta. All well and good, except that it perpetuates the unfortunate myth your part of the country can only improve if your region is somehow connected to power. If the Yar'Adua-Jonathan ticket wins, and come four years time there is no progress in the Niger Delta, good luck to Jonathan as MEND wreak havoc.

However, in the unlikely event that matters improve in the region, watch as all the different geopolitical crabs clamour for power at the next elections. This looks to me like a bad, bad idea. More important though, is the test for Nuhu Ribadu and the EFCC. Jonathan's wife is being investigated for money laundering. As I see it, the way the case is handled will prove whether the EFCC is just one of OBJ's sticks with which to beat his opponents. It could also be an indicator of the power Yar'Adua already has, or not.

If you're wondering which is his first name, and which is his surname (goodness knows I am), check out his CV.

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Moody Crab said...

His C.V does not look bad (at least he has various university degrees.) However, electing him to run as VP to assuage the Niger-Delta problem is a bad, bad mistake. As we all know, the reason these young boys are taking up arms is of the widespread poverty and high unemployment pervelent in that area. Economic resuscitation in the form of better and improved goverment policies, creations of jobs, adequate healthcare, housing and better enviromental management is the only way (and only solution) to the problem. Apart from that, every other action is a waste of valuable time.