Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It's getting hot!

OBJ has the cards. What's he holding? Straight flush? Four of a kind? IBB has been forced to resign from the PDP, perhaps to seek nomination with another party. But I doubt if even Babangida is rich or powerful enough to win on a non-PDP platform. The idea that OBJ is going to support a Yar'Adua-Duke ticket might receive more credence after this IBB rebuttal. Plus I'm yet to see any sustainable evidence that OBJ wants to stay on. Apparently, IBB was trying to get through the primaries without screening - which seems preposterous, even by IBB's low standards. My guess is that OBJ refused to support an IBB nomination, an ingredient without which an IBB campaign would be stale. The perceived favourite to win must have the support of their predecessor. Vanguard has a badly written analysis of the screening.

The PDP state primaries have seen some fiery contests, with teargas being used to disperse people eager to partake in Nigeria's nacent democracy. Funso Williams's widow, Hilda, could yet win in Lagos, as she faces a run-off against Musiliu Obanikoro. Results here.

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Zaynnah Magazine said...

IBB claims to have dropped out of the race because he didn't want to be in competition with YarAdua and Gusau who are like brothers to him. An attempt at saving face, no doubt.