Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Lagos pipeline blast

Once again, people have been killed in an oil pipeline explosion. There's been fuel shortage in Lagos recently, so people did what they always do, steal from a pipeline. And someone probably did something to spark an explosion as always inevitably happens. This incident begs the same two question which always arise: why does the world's sixth largest exporter of oil have fuel shortage? And why do people keep stealing from oil pipelines given the well documented tragedies that always happen?


Anonymous said...

Hi Nkem,
Yuletide greetings first.

Indeed, I was concerned for this new explosion, not only for the that fact that it is just another one of the many.

Rather, the pictures of the fire brigade that looked like using garden hoses to quench such an inferno and the disarray that looked like a riot of emergency services personnel make me think the greater tragedy would be the aftermath and not the explosion itself.

As for why a resourceful country should be so bereft of essential things of safety, provision security that we take for granted here, one just has questions.

Zaynnah Magazine said...

My knowledge of Chemistry is a bit rusty but isn't it foam (and not water) that's used to put out oil fires? The news report I saw lastnight showed a water tanker, not even a proper fire engine, rushing to the scene of the blast. Nigeria, when will the lessons be learnt?