Friday, January 19, 2007

Bigot Brother coverage

The best understanding of the Big Brother racism furore - that I've seen - is from This Week, last night. Apparently, there'll be no eviction crowd tonight. Watch:

Question Time debate last night:

Newsnight debate from Wednesday:


Unknown said...

You know what's the most troubling thing about all this? That a two-bit, silly program like Big Brother is causing this much palaver.

This is indeed a case of empty vessels making the loudest noises. Why do we care what some redolent piece-of-shit, barely literate bunch of (v)idiots think or do?

Jeremy said...

Hari Kunzru - We did our MA's together at Warwick. Ain't he done well?

Jeremy said...

by the way Nkem - how are you managing to post these video clips? Are you able to record direct off tv onto your computer? How do you do it (are you using the Eyetv device for macs?)