Thursday, January 04, 2007

Brooms and Yards

PDP presidential nominee, and possibly president elect, Umaru Yar'Adua, has declared that should he become president, his administration will continue the war on corruption in Nigeria. All well and good. He might want to start sweeping his own yard, with Goodluck Jonathan's wife being investigated for money laundering. I have an mp3 of the interview, but I can't find any youtube or google video type resources to embed it on the page.

Thanks Nilla, but webjay and upload people were all convoluted and annoying. So, I've slapped his picture on a video track and then put the interview on a soundtrack.


Nilla said...

To embed a player like the one you asked about on my blog:
You can try using webjay ( but they don't host songs (audio, etc), so you have to have your song (audio) hosted by some other site such as After it is now on the web, you can then upload it to your webjay account playlist and use their wizard to get a html code.

I hope that helps.

The Dog of Freetown said...

Sounds like the perfect politician.

Nilla said...

Your welcome and also sorry(I sometimes have problems using it too).

RE: Speech
So isn't Duke from the South South??

snazzy said...

Investigation is not a sign of guilt (though she is probably guilty) and like Peter Obi the best thing they say about Yar'Adua is that he doesn't chop money and he doesn't let other people chop. The only other person running in the PDP primaries that had that kind of reputation (well his was better) was Duke. But from what people say there was no way that Duke would have won over Odili if a South-South presidential nominee was picked. And when you talk about corrupt there is no one like Gov. Peter "I have no interest in Arik Air" Odili.

And now this is longer than your post for which I... well apologize I suppose. I guess being succinct will have to wait until 2008.