Sunday, January 07, 2007

Secularism, fundamentalism, religion

The Guardian is ostensibly a secular non-religious newspaper. In the past week though, it has given voice to people decrying the loss of a moral compass on the Left, and an article championing the cause of religion. Neal Lawson writes from the perspective of an atheist, while Tobias Jones expounds on the view that the secularists are the new extremists. As someone who believes in God, but also wishes that Western liberal democracy need not clash with religion, these are lucid supportive articles.


Unknown said...

Western liberal "democracies" (I call 'em by their real name: liberal socialists), as you put it, will always clash with religion. Oil and water.

Zaynnah Magazine said...

Very interesting reading. Tobias Jones's article was somewhat difficult for me to decipher, I had to read it twice! In conclusion though, I agree that they are both lucid supportive articles.

Anonymous said...

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