Friday, September 29, 2006

A bit much

Accusing Atiku of financial crimes is one thing, but accusing him of plotting murder is on another level of severity. The fight between OBJ and Atiku couldn't get any uglier. This is stage where court proceedings must start. Either OBJ's posse are taken to court for their inflammatory and possibly libelous remarks, or Atiku is prosecuted for what are clear allegations of criminality.


Beautifully Human said...

only in Nigeria will you find a situation where the heads of state are constantly at loggerheads, it reminds me of being back in primary school; as if the country doesnt have enough problems already.

Anonymous said...

This is African(or should I say Nigerian) politics for you. But accusing someone of murder is abit too much, honestly.
Talk about 'airing your dirty laundry outside'.