Monday, September 18, 2006

Weekend reading

Paul Kennedy essay, on the reform of the UN to be discussed at in New York at forthcoming UN General Assembly.

Banning of emaciated waif skeletal fashion types at London Fashion Week.

David Oyelowo, of notorious Shoot the Messenger fame, on kids sticking with the Bard.

Launch of Tinubu backed party in Nigeria.

Crash of military aircraft in Nigeria.

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Quest said...

Shakespeare was torment in secondary school until we were shown the movie adaptations of some of his plays. I remember watching "Macbeth" in english class and following the dialogue in my book. Macbeth was still boring, but the written dialogue was so much easier to understand when I could picture what was happening at each point in the play.

In SS2 we read "Twelfth Night" and I ended up choosing the book for my SSCE exam (you decide what literary texts you wish to be tested on). Over three lessons we watched the 1996 movie adaptation starring Ben Kingsley and Helena Bonham Carter; the dialogue was still Shakespeare, but the story was so much more engaging (and fun) on film than in print.