Thursday, October 26, 2006

$5m for the African democrat

Mo Ibrahim encourages African leaders to leave office voluntarily, and $5m could be theirs. It is an amazing prize considering African leaders don't have access to directorships and such that their Western counterparts have. It'll be interesting to see who wins the first one. My bet is that they'll come from southern Africa.


soul said...

I'm sorry but this sucks major ass...
What is it with Africans and money?.
What is $5million dollars to a dictator who uses his countries wealth as his personal petty cash?.

Why does everything have to be for sale?
sdo instead of encouraging people to demand a democratic process and a revolution if necessary, we instead dangle some dosh infront of a president in the hopes that he would leave.
Exactly how fucking cheap and pedestrian is African politics?

Anonymous said...

Not to mention harvard picking the best president. how demeaning