Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Prince Ahmed Khalifa

Today, I was contacted by bonnie Prince Ahmed Khalifa of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I'm absolutely flattered that considering he's never met me before, he's willing to trust me with the receipt of his $42m dollars. What a generous guy. I would have taken him up on the offer, but I don't know where "Durblin" is, let alone afford a flight to what sounds like an enchanting place filled with four-leaf clovers and blarney stones.

Dear sir/Madam,
I am contacting you based on trust and i believe you will treat this offer with keen interest and utmost sincerity.my name is PRINCE AHMED KHALIFA, a citizen of, the kingdom of saudi Arabia ,although i was born in the kingdom where i had my education aswell.Following the recent crises between the israeli forces and hehezbollahs militant group in lebanon, my business has suffered a tremendous set back. i run a currency trading company and money exchange bureau in beirut.During one of the israelis airstrike in lebanon, our office building was razed to nothing leaving 13 people dead and over 300 injured.The reason why i am contacting you is to find out if i can invest my money in your line of business.It has become very necessary for me to diversify my interest in the area of investment. I have in cash the sum of $42,300,000.00 in Durblin Ireland, I am searching for a responsible and credible partner who can receive this fund on my behalf and invest it in real estate or another line of business any where in the world,there is a trusted diplomat who can fly the money any where in theworld with a diplomatic tag once we agree.I am presently, undergoingtreatment in the united kingdom because we were evacuated.You can contact me on my private email address for further informations.

i await your urgent response.
best regards.Ahmed khalifa.


Anonymous said...

How could you be contacted on trust and then he cast possible doubt about your sincerity?

It appears he learnt English in Saudi Arabia too, - punctuation in disarray and spelling well catered for :-)

It is probably a laughing matter if the militant group is Hehe-zbollahs.

You did not say, your business was in need of some serious cash injection, I suppose you are creating a rival to Hello! and hence you need to pay up the paparazzi.

Come think of it, I know of printers in Lagos who moved on from printing for money to printing money itself.

If a currency trader has to diversify, he might have to make the currency instead - you can write a blockbuster about it.

Undergoing treatment? shame the building only came down on his body from the neck downwards.

Forget my flippant comments, your urgent response is required - Pronto, Immediately, Zofort!

Anonymous said...

lmao... saudi arabia self don dey do?

Anonymous said...


What happened to investing the money back into Saudi economy??

Unknown said...

These people are never relenting in their efforts to scam an unsuspecting and greedy 'mugu'. Am glad you saw through their antics. Many others will fall prey even with all the enlightenment out there.

Anonymous said...

I just wonder if any Nigerian has every been stupid enough to fall for scams like this. Only a greedy soul who has no right mind of thinking will do.

Ehm, trusted Africa man, have you responded to the offer yet? You need to do so ASAP.

Anonymous said...

PRINCE AHMED KHALIFA does sound like the right gent! Maybe you should take PRINCE AHMED KHALIFA up on his offer. For some of PRINCE AHMED KHALIFA's stature to contact you is a tremendous honor because PRINCE AHMED KHALIFA is a PRINCE no less and PRINCEs are a rare thing, especially in Saudi Arabia where I suppose PRINCE AHMED KHALIFA has to be one of the richest of the bunch.

Ran out of steam there. Was wondering how many times I could say PRINCE AHMED KHALIFA.

His turns of phrase make me think he learned his grammar in Nigeria, for some strange reason.