Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fela on 1Xtra

This being Black History Month in the UK, Radio 1Xtra has a series of documentaries on all things black. Yesterday, they aired a brilliant documentary on Fela. For (what I think is) the first time we hear the voice of Sandra Izsadore (pictured), the woman who is said to have politicised Fela. It does have a few annoyances, such as the Home Videoesque dramatic drumrolls to indicate something dodgy was about to happen. I also felt some references to Rakim and George Clinton would have gone over the heads of today's hip-hop generation. Then again, perhaps that kind of audience wouldn't have been listening. Still, check it out.

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Pilgrimage to Self said...

Being a big Fela fan, this is good to know. thanks.